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Who We Are

As a team of photographers with over 13 years experience, covering over 1000 events (weddings & christenings), as well as 16 years of commercial (fashion and advertising) experience, we are able to guarantee our clients a unique artistic result.

Our Style

In regards to our style, we blend an unobtrusive documentary approach with the artistic aesthetic of fashion photography.  That means we respect the rawness of the day the same way a photojournalist would.  However, with our fine-tuned aesthetic from the demanding world of fashion photography, we embellish the day by enhancing its beautiful details to create powerful visual compositions.

We believe it is important for us to capture the story of the day as it spontaneously unfolds.  We pay special attention to all the details you planned, as well as the personalities, and emotions that took center stage.  We want our images to serve as vibrant visual reminders so that the atmosphere of the day is not subdued with the passing of time.

However, we also believe it is our responsibility to enhance the beauty that already is present.  Not via posing or staging per se, but through an attention to detail and experienced artistic direction, which we have.

We strongly believe, that since you have planned so meticulously your attire, make-up, jewelry, etc., that your portraits should be of the caliber that would be expected in a high-end fashion shoot.  These types of images should not be left to chance.  They need to be artistic, of high quality, but also fluid so they blend with the other images of the day.

Foremost, they should fit the subject matter, which is you!  We do not want you trying to look like someone else or do anything that you wouldn’t do.  We believe that we are all beautiful, especially in the eyes of our loved ones.  As a team, we are responsible to highlight the beauty you share with your husband, wife, partner.